Everyone looks better after their clothes are fitted specially to their bodies.

But not everyone does it. Stand out from the crowd.
Let people look at you for the right reasons.

Be in fashion in dazzling, custom-made, hand-tailored formal wear.   Schedule your FREE consultation Recently lost weight or gained a few inches? Found an ideal suit—at a price you couldn’t pass up—that needs tailor-fitted to you?

Nip and tuck. It’s cheaper than plastic surgery. Just have your current wardrobe fitted for weight changes, sized correctly for your body type, or refurbished from wear. People will think you bought a whole new look (for a fraction of the cost!)

Whether the clothes came from the back of your wardrobe or are new to you, make your original investment worth it by having the right tailoring done.

Save money by altering the misfits and repairing the wardrobe malfunctions. With an expert hem here and a precise dart there, your beloved garments are as good as new.


Relax and enjoy your wardrobe anew with CH Studios’ expert tailoring and alterations!

  • Deep expertise in fitting and styling
  • Unique skills at redesigning or refitting garments
  • Hand-finished sleeve hems, pant hems and coat linings when possible
  • Finest materials available are used
  • Communication skills
  • No ruined garments
  • Leave in as much material as possible to re-alter the garment for weight changes

Questions?  Send Christine an e-mail or give her a call at 303.757.8181 today.

Thank you so much for the wonderful clothes you made for my mother! I must say that we are not only happy with the clothes, but that we also enjoyed each visit that we had with you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your patience and sweet manner with my mom!
- Kathy (Jackets and pants made for her 85-year-old mother during recent move to assisted living)


tailoring & alterations pricing

Armholes, deepen $25
Buttons:  change $3
Buttons with backing buttons $4
Buttonholes $10
Center seam: out/in $25
Through collar or vent $38
Through collar and vent $55
Collars: raise or lower $25-30
Reline: (does not include pockets) $85
Pockets at $25/pocket
Sides: take in/let out $40
Through side vents $80
Shorten coat: unlined $45
Topcoats, suits, sport coats $75
Sleeves: Shorten or lengthen $25-$45
Zippers: Lightweight $35
Heavy duty:  leather, parka $50-95
Belt loops: Sew on $3.00
Make and sew on $4.50
Hems: Plain $20
Cuffs $25
Taper legs: $20-40
Rise: $15-$25
Seat: $15-25
Waist: $15-$45
Suspender buttons: $15 per set
Zippers $28
Waist in/out $25-45
Side seams in/out $25-$45
Hems $35-$65 E-mail or call for pricing specific to your custom-clothing needs.
Restyling: By Quote
Relining: By quote
Sides in/out $25
Center back $25
Shoulders $25
New lining in back $45