Hello world!

Greetings to all past, present and potential clients.  At last I have immersed myself in the digital pool after a long absence. 

Please check out my Facebook page under CH Studios Custom Clothier.  Naturally I implore you to hit the “like” button.  (I have a friend who’s son is best friends with the geeky guy who invented the “like” button.  Cute, and weird).  By the way, geek-dress is a whole new genre of dress.  I can address those issues if you need some image talk for your self or your company.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  

The appointment book is filling for the ever pressured bridal season.  Whether you need alterations for a wedding gown, attendant or mom dress, or for the groom and groom’s attendants, I can handle it. 

This year I have left more time than ever for business attire and tailored alterations.  So, contact me for a fitting and spread the word that www.chstudios.com is alive!

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