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Enjoy personalized service with expertise you can trust. Schedule your FREE consultation > Our philosophy is simple: Your clothing should fit your body, your personality and your desired image. You shouldn’t have to try to fit the clothing.

Since 1984, CH Studios Custom Clothier has specialized in outfitting business professionals, brides (and their entire bridal party!) and discerning clothing connoisseurs. Established to meet the growing demand for high-quality, custom-fit clothing not found in the ready-to-wear market.

When you walk into a room, you should be wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you. People should feel relaxed when viewing you and not be subconsciously irritated by ill-fitting wrinkles, hems, and too tight or too loose waistlines. You should be able to present your brilliant self with no impediments of your dress.

Life is hectic. Life is fast. Our belief: Your signature style simplifies things. Authentic and tailor-made just for you.


Meet the Owner

Christine Hoyt, Professional ClothierChristine Hoyt, Professional Clothier, has been sewing since a young child, first with her mother, and later at Iowa State University. She explored most of the textiles arts (weaving, spinning, knitting, tatting, crocheting, interior design), teaching herself those skills, and then teaching others. Christine’s operated a home-based business continually since 1975.

An early, part-time job at The Shirt Broker, a store specializing in custom-tailored shirts and suits, led her to develop clientele who desired in-office and in-home appointments to purchase custom clothing.

From there, Christine went independent and has continued since that time to serve men and women throughout the Rocky Mountains, providing custom tailoring, bridal and formal wear and quality alterations. She’s coached a variety of companies large and small in the art of business image and dress.

Special education related to her profession

Christine Hoyt, Professional Clothier

  • Pattern drafting and design; Iowa State University
  • Studies and apprenticeships with Master Tailors in New York
  • Weaving; Iowa State University, along with local guilds and area artists
  • Studies and apprenticeships with Master Tailors in New York
  • Pure “street” training, learning from ready-to-wear clothes and combining techniques with couture and tailoring processes
  • Studies and apprenticeships with local interior-design workshops

A Personal Message to You

“It is my job in this trade to design an image in clothing that fits you. I am an artist and a mechanic all in one. If you don’t know what that looks like, we will define the style together. I can coach you about all things fabric/clothing and provide my best workmanship to make it happen,” says Christine.

“And if you know what you want specifically, all things fabric/clothing, it is my job to listen to you and to provide the best of my considerable abilities. For American women particularly, a pervasive issue is always a poor body image,” she continues. “In my studio, women often say, ‘My (fill in the body part) is too big/little so clothes don’t fit me.’” And I ask them, ‘Why are you wrong when the garment doesn’t fit? The manufacturer didn’t know you were going to buy the item.’ Clients are mistaken to think it’s their fault because off-the-rack garments don’t fit. They are smart to come to me to make them fit!”

Thanks, Christine, for all of your work on Laren’s gown and veil. The dress was stunning when it was bustled up and Laren was dancing with her dad. Everyone loved the story of the veil that we put on the back of the programs. Great idea of yours! You were great to work with.
- Linda Bruin
Thank you so much for working on my dress with such short notice and little time. You’re the angel of dresses and a big reason Monica’s day will be unforgettable.
- Sheila Bush